3. The Gedanke Collection

3. The Gedanke Collection

We all think. Some more, some less. And some of us overthink. I am very seasoned at overthinking. It has not only done me well in life. It is quite debilitating because thinking can create a lot of road blocks for action if one has anxious traits. Or it can spur creativity and fuel action. I guess, it all depends on the way one thinks and speaks with oneself in their mind. While I am largely a careful and risk averse individual, I greatly value getting things done.

Being a neurodivergent individual, this isn’t all that easy. My strengths and weaknesses are allocated in a very specific way. This means that I have a natural inclination to be very bad at some things, and very good at others. Whereas, a neurotypical person scores average in all areas of life, a neurodivergent person has the chance to excel in some areas exponentially without too much distortion.

But the road there can be rocky. Most school systems don’t take into account that there are neurodivergent children who cannot read because they have difficulties seeing written words well and are not just lazy. This leads to many people falling through the system's education grid early on. According to a study conducted in the USA around 50% of inmates in a prison in Texas are dyslexic.

This collection is based on my belief that we all can excel at things and unfold ourselves in our own unique ways, never mind how quirky we are and how much we feel that we cannot and do not fit into the system and society. It’s about building a bridge between thought and action to make our dreams reality.

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